Схема дименсионс леопард

схема дименсионс леопард
Germany has purchased 70 units while Sweden has purchased 10 units. The Stridsvagn 122 is one of the most sophisticated versions of the Leopard 2 in current service. With a crew of one driver and one operator the bridges can be laid in approximately 3, 5 and 6 minutes respectively.

Instruction of students, particularly during the tactical phase of their training, has always been difficult, as tanks are not designed to have positions inside available for extra crew members. Схема хорошая — крупная, 3-х цветная, бэк нанесен сразу, но не мешает прочитывать какие под ним кресты должны быть. Today the modified Strv. 122s, designated Strv. 122B, stand ready to participate in international missions and in the future Nordic Battle Group. A cost-effective and successful project was implemented.

Now known as the Mounted Combat Division, it continues in its training role using the Leopard in all its variations, excepting the ARV. The Leopard AS1 equips only one armoured regiment of the field force, the 1st Armoured Regiment. Картины получаются очень насыщенными, за счет использования полукрестов и смешанных ниток — объемными. На схеме цветные значки, используется как правило 3-4 цвета, это значительно облегчает вышивание отдельных участков.Наборы с пометкой «ПОД ЗАКАЗ» — отсутствуют на складе. The driver was seated to the front right of the hull while the tank commander, gunner and loader were featured in the turret. Типа сильно-сильно разбавленный бежевый. Во всяком случае, на фотографии на обложке набора цвет именно такой.

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