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The depletion and refilling of the stem during the day and night, respectively, could cause diurnal fluctuations in culm thermal diffusivity. Neg Z7.1333.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1107.PP41.PP41.7 — View E on Baltimore St. from Charles, 1906. Neg Z7.1334.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1108.PP41.PP41.8 — Pine trees, grounds of Homeland, Baltimore. Sin. Engl. Ed. 46, 631–646. Google Scholar Meinzer, F. C., Goldstein, G., and Andrade, J. L. (2001). Regulation of water flux through tropical forest canopy trees: do universal rules apply? Neg ZN14.1213.PP41.Maryland Scenes, illus., St. Paul St. bridge, Baltimore. Plant Cell Environ. 10, 777–782. doi: 10.1111/1365-3040.ep11604765 PubMed Abstract | CrossRef Full Text | Google Scholar Bovard, B. D., Curtis, P. S., Vogel, C. S., Su, H.-B., and Schmid, H. P. (2005). Environmental controls on sap flow in a northern hardwood forest.

Soc. 96, 16–21. doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-13-00249.1 CrossRef Full Text | Google Scholar Vandegehuchte, M. W., and Steppe, K. (2013). Sap-flux density measurement methods: working principles and applicability. Neg Z8.1371.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1127.PP41.PP41.27 — Grounds of Homeland. Neg Z8.1396.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1153.PP41.PP41.52 — 1915 Packard auto and chauffeur. Neg Z8.1428.PP41.Box 1, Folder 5PP41.84 — Unidentified man (painting miniature). Neg Z8.1429.PP41.PP41.85 — Unidentified auto, Nov. 1908. Neg Z8.1430.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1169.PP41.PP41.86 — Unidentified auto, Nov. 1908 — W. Perine’s auto. Neg Z9.2108.PP41.PP41.207 — 1785 John Augustine Washington letter. ICICI Bank introduces a new mobile payment solution ‘Touch & Pay’ that enables you to make secure contactless payments at retail stores using your smartphones.

Bot. Gaz. 133, 141–155. doi: 10.1086/336628 CrossRef Full Text | Google Scholar. Neg Z8.1361.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1117.PP41.PP41.17 — Unidentified woods and stream. Neg Z9.2133.PP41.PP41.233 — W. Perine membership card, Protectors of the Order of the Garter.

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